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Default Welcome to the mmofam forums BETA - 03-25-2013, 07:58 PM

Just wanted to post this here since about 100 members have already found this site. Though, I'm not really trying to hide it or anything =D You can view the main site if you log into the system then go there. For example if you were to visit homepage, you would see a message that says "Working On It".

Log into the forums then head over to the main site. You should see a beta version of the system I'm working on. I'm using wordpress. You should be able to leave comments and stuff. Feel free to test.

For those that want to go a bit further, just leave a comment saying you want to be a writer for the site. I'll give you some more permissions to create posts.

The whole idea of mmofam is to be community driven. So that means that users can write articles, reviews and what not. This is just the beta stages, but I hope I can find people who want to write articles about gaming, mmo's, mobile gaming, and console gaming.

Also as you might have guessed, there are no forums on this board yet. It's just this one for now, until I can debug some more stuff. If you want to suggest a forum, that would be awesome.

Thanks everyone.


For the 100 or so members that saw the homepage. I deleted all the accounts on word press because of a bug with avatars not transferring. I think it should be fixed now. Just log in again and head over to the homepage and your account should be created automatically again.

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